Business and Building Owner Resource Connections

September 2021 - December 2021


The Hamtramck Practical Community Learning Project (PCLP) team had three specific objectives: design a one-page resource guide informed by research and merchant focus groups; develop a database of small business resources from local, state, and federal partners; and assist the Hamtramck Community and Economic Department (CED) team in facilitating a city-wide merchant meeting. These objectives were successfully completed by the student team over a three-step effort involving analysis, resource development and design, and resource implementation. The team assisted in the planning and execution of the merchant meeting in which business and building owners were able to connect directly with representatives from the resource partners identified throughout the project. In recognition of the team’s work the City of Hamtramck City Council formally recognized the team members during their council meeting in December.

Community Partner

Community and Economic Development Department, City of Hamtramck, Michigan