City of Ann Arbor Sustainability and Gentrification

January 2023 - April 2023

Executive Summary

In support of the city of Ann Arbor's A2Zero initiative to "achieve a just, community-wide
transition to carbon neutrality by 2030,” - Ford School MPA and MPP students provided a presentation and research report with potential policy solutions to combat green gentrification displacement (GGD) that could threaten the Bryant neighborhood. A2 selected the Bryant neighborhood–a historically marginalized and lower-income community–with equity and climate action top of mind. The city wants to funnel millions of investment dollars in renewable energy and residential upgrades, transforming Bryant into one of the first decarbonized communities in the U.S. and the city's initial neighborhood to align with its 2030 A2Zero carbon-neutrality objectives. To further elucidate the problem, the deliverable first defined gentrification, green gentrification, and displacement. Then, it proposed renter- and homeowner-focused GGD policy solutions for consideration. Lastly, three real-world case studies were analyzed to demonstrate the benefits and pitfalls inherent in GGD policy solutions.

Community Partner

City of Ann Arbor Office of Sustainability and Innovations