Training Future Policymakers

September 2021 - December 2021


The team provided a framework and guide for future policy makers enrolled in the City of Detroit’s Executive Leadership Program. The presentation is divided into three categories: policy making process, influences on the policy making process, and limitation on influences/ethics. 

There are six steps identified in the policy making process: proposing legislation; submitting legislation to City Council; public input; committee hearings; voting; implementation; and corporation council review. City Administration may also create regulations, decisions or executive orders.

Policy can be influenced by various forms of lobbying. Types of lobbying can include peer and public pressure, grassroots movements, paid interests, and direct communication. Common participants such as community members or constituents, city departments, religious groups, and news media can influence the proposal and passage of legislation. 

Limitations are placed on influences and influencers of the policy making process through reporting requirements, campaign finance laws, post employment rules and an ethics ordinance. 

The presentation also includes exercises to test the participants’ ethics rules knowledge using hypothetical situations.


City of Detroit/Civil Rights, Inclusion & Opportunity Department