Winter 2023 Ford School Engaged Learning Student Projects

May 2023

Welcome to the second issue of the Ford School’s Engaged Learning Student Projects Catalog. This document represents a collaborative effort of many of the Ford School’s research centers and programs. We seek to highlight some of the impactful work our students are conducting with external partners. The diversity of these projects and partners is truly amazing. However, it is by no means comprehensive, as new engaged learning opportunities are emerging in every corner of the School, every day. Stay tuned to learn about more projects in future issues.

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Ford School Engaged Learning

The Ford School is an engaged learning and teaching community. Interactions with people and organizations outside of U-M actively working on and changing public policy help prepare our students to become leaders in service of the public good.

The Ford School is deeply integrated with a wide range of policy communities cultivated by our faculty and our strong and engaged alumni network that provides opportunities for students to engage with real-world policy issues in the classroom and through research, activities, and workshops. We offer a wide range of opportunities that allow students to use what they've learned in the classroom through hands-on, practical policy experiences.

Ford School Research Centers

The Ford School is home to or co-sponsor of a growing number of active, multi-disciplinary research centers and initiatives leveraging the knowledge and expertise across the University of Michigan. They serve as a resource for policymakers and practitioners, academics, students, the media, and the public. They offer numerous engaged learning opportunities for students. And they identify and solve complex challenges facing our communities.

These are the programs or centers providing engaged learning projects for Ford School students:

Note: These are executive summaries of the student projects. For the complete reports, please get in touch with the center or program for more information.