Diversity equity and inclusion

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Students highlight their practical policy engagements

Dec 17, 2020
Ford School students engaged in real problem-solving in the fall 2020 semester, tackling some of the most important issues facing Michigan. The undergraduate and graduate students participated in research and analysis projects as a part of the...
Practical Community Learning Project

Equity, Advocacy, and Civil Rights Policy in Detroit Public Schools

January 2023 - April 2023
Eneida Hysi (MPP '24), Idalys Perez (MPP '23)
During the Winter semester, students partnering with Detroit Public Schools Community District devised a list of best practices from nationwide districts on fostering gender inclusivity in schools. The recommendations include policy guidelines, student support, and resources for policy implementation. The policy draft includes student and staff rights, provides definitions for important, relevant terms, applies to staff members, and has a legal basis. It also recommends respecting name and pronoun changes, defines discrimination, harassment, and bullying, and outlines locker room and restroom...