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P3E alumni experiences

Alumni Experiences with Jasmine Kaltenbach (BA '22), executive director of Michigan AFL-CIO Advocates

Jan 30, 2023, 4:00-5:00 pm EST
Join P3E for an Alumni Experiences discussion with Jasmine Kaltenbach (BA '22), executive director of Michigan AFL-CIO Advocates. Jasmine is also a community partner on a current P3E research project with Fund MI Future to help identify policy opportunities to tip the State’s fiscal landscape to be more supportive of poor and middle-income communities.
P3E alumni experiences

Alumni Experiences with Nathan Lindfors

Nov 29, 2022, 4:00-5:00 pm EST
Join P3E for an Alumni Experiences discussion with Nathan Lindfors (BA '20), Policy Director at Engine Advocacy and Foundation, where he leads the organization’s research efforts and competition and trade policy portfolios. P3E has launched a new initiative, Alumni Experiences, where alums share their experiences, insights, and advice with small groups of current students, followed by a Q&A.

P3E information session

Aug 30, 2022, 4:00-5:00 pm EDT
Do you want to learn about engaged learning and research opportunities with the Program for Practical Policy Engagement (P3E)? Join P3E Director Elisabeth Gerber and Community Engagement Manager DeAndré J. Calvert for an information session. 
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P3E Summer 2021 Student Showcase

Jul 7, 2021, 12:00-1:30 pm EDT
Practical Community Learning Project (PCLP) and research fellows showcased their Summer 2021 projects and presented their findings to an audience of their peers, Ford School staff, mentors, and community partners.

P3E Winter 2021 Student Showcase

Apr 21, 2021, 4:00-5:20 pm EDT
Join P3E for Winter 2021 Practical Community Learning Project (PCLP) and research assistant student presentations.
Research fellow projects

City of Dearborn Department of Public Health

January 2023 - April 2023
Noah Attal (MPP '24), Samir Deshpande (MPP '23), Sophie Greenberg (BA '23, Public Policy), Kyra Martin (MPP ‘23), Anna Nguyen (MPP ‘24), Yuer Wang (MPP ‘24)
The Dearborn Department of Public Health (DPH) was formally launched in April 2022, becoming only the second city in Michigan with a public health department, and the first to do so voluntarily. The Department was founded on the principle of “Health in All Policies.” Health in All Policies is a collaborative approach to improving the health of all people by incorporating health considerations into decision-making across sectors and policy areas. The goal of Health in All Policies is to ensure that all decision-makers are informed about the health, equity, and sustainability consequences of...
Research fellow projects

Behavioral and Physical Health Policy Research

January 2023 - March 2023
Malak Kalasho (BA '24, Public Policy), Micah Sweet (BA '24, Public Policy)
The team of students continued their work on a project with the Superintendent's Office of the Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD). Last semester, they recommended and drafted changes to the District's administrative policies so they better supported the behavioral and physical health of students in the District. The project included a four-phase process: first, the students researched best practices and policies in other school districts in the U.S.; second, they interviewed DPSCD staff and education professionals about existing practices and the feasibility of potential...
Research fellow projects

State Data Privacy Laws

January 2023 - February 2023
Annie Eng (MBA/MPP ‘25)
The student worked with Engine Advocacy and Research to evaluate the impact of state-by-state privacy laws on startup technology companies. Currently, data privacy laws are on a state level, resulting in varying definitions of compliance. Through interviewing stakeholders of different startups, the student learned about the impact of the current data privacy laws landscape on barriers to scalability, compliance costs (legal, operational, technology, etc.), and any implications of these costs. The student’s findings will ultimately help inform policymakers and ensure a conducive environment...